Cloud Direct Connect

The benefits of enterprises moving to the cloud are certain, such as operational cost savings, enhanced collaboration between upstream and downstream eco-partners, reduced carbon footprint, and better security. Enterprises embracing digital transformation are implementing their own cloud strategies in one way or another. Cloud Direct Connect is a dedicated and secure connection between an enterprise's private cloud exchange network and the public cloud. Before direct cloud connectivity came up, the only way to access the cloud was the Internet. But as is known, the Internet is prone to many failures, such as disconnections and hackings.

Cloud Direct Connect
Cloud Direct Connect

It is challenging for enterprises to implement a self-built cloud direct connect channel on its own, in terms of cost-effectiveness and implementation difficulty. One of the objectives of GoSDWAN's Cloud Direct Connect service is to build the direct connection system to the public cloud in conjunction with the implementation of SD-WAN/SASE sd wan professional services when planning the data flow plane. Customers can choose the Cloud Direct Connect service to transparently and securely gain access to major public clouds such as Azure, AWS and Alibaba Cloud to build a highly reliable hybrid cloud environment.

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Cloud Direct Connect Future-proof Dynamic Networks

Cloud Bridge

High-speed, secure and stable cloud-to-cloud dedicated line services for multiple scenarios
Cloud Direct Connect

Cloud Exchange

Layer 2 mesh multi-cloud connectivity with flexible bandwidth provisioning

Multi-cloud Peering

Peer-to-peer direct connection with public cloud platforms, light load traffic, independent of Internet channels, Layer-3 BGP routing

Direct Cloud Connectivity Details

To support an enterprise's digital transformation, it is important to leverage the advantages of the public cloud and address the challenges arising from moving data assets to the public cloud, which include connectivity neutrality with the public cloud, cross-network distributed integration, and information security. The approaches to solve these issues vary in terms of cost of investment.

However, common industry practice is to connect a private network with the public cloud. GoSDWAN's Cloud Direct Connect service offers several different options depending on the complexity of the hybrid cloud architecture and assists customers to obtain a light weight cloud circit solution with elastic scheduling, low operation complexity and high security. On the other hand, the public cloud market is growing rapidly, but not too many people are familiar with the knowledge of public cloud interconnection strategy and ways to effectively interconnect with the cloud resource pool, so the adoption of GoSDWAN's Cloud Direct Connect service can avoid the unknown risk introduced by these emerging technologies.

What Makes GoSDWAN Cloud Direct Connect Unique?

What Makes GoSDWAN Cloud Direct Connect Unique?

01 ——  

Support for multi-scenario access

02 ——  

Flexible scheduling

03 ——  

Reduced O&M costs

04 ——  

Secure data

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