Edge Compute

In addition, the new generation of cloud-network infrastructure is formed through the unified centralized control and collaboration with distributed computing resources With the built-in capability of cloud & edge computing energy efficiency First Network, computing tasks are dynamically and flexibly scheduled based on real-time computing resource performance, network performance, cost and other multi-dimensional factors according to business requirements, thus improving resource utilization, network utilization efficiency and business user experience. We can offer Vmware Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud lnfrastructure, bare metals and ucpe whitebox.

Edge Compute
Edge Compute

As one of the trusted edge computing service providers,GoSDWAN sd wan professional services can not only effectively integrate the resources of public and hybrid cloud platforms distributed around the world, but also match the relevant low latency network to cover the "last mile". Experienced in logistics clearance and equipment management on customer sites, we can support the customers to obtain all the necessary computing layer resources for SD-WAN edge computing services quickly and cost-effectively.

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Edge Compute Future-proof Dynamic Networks

Vmware Infrastructure

A VMware resource pool of over 400 nodes worldwide covering major cities around the world.
Edge Compute

Hybrid Cloud lnfrastructure

Portfolio management of compute resources for distributed multi-cloud management, highlighting the low latency circle coverage of cloud delivery models.


Rental services focused on high performance IOPS computing platforms(x86), also located in major cities around the world.

uCPE Rental

Helps obtain unified uCPE management service to support SDN/SD-WAN/SASE
for each branch office with the global reach.

Detailed Introduction to Edge Compute

The development of cloud platforms and vpc virtual private cloud technologies has undoubtedly provided a huge potential for digital transformation. However, not all virtualization platforms support NFV components, and the underlying network openness of compute nodes needs to be validated in advance when network algorithms are deployed at the edge.

Here are some custom industrial edge computing cases for your information:

edge computing energy efficiency

edge computing in financial services

sd wan in manufacturing

shipping edge computing

GoSDWAN's Edge Compute service provides a one-stop management and monitoring tool that can help customers accquire the compute resources in remote areas, and provide visualized tools to support monitoring, scheduling and business management in daily operations. Edge Compute Service covers a wide range of computing granularity and supports vmware cloud infrastructure virtualization, which has a high market share, or the open-source KVM architecture. These services are common on the market, but GoSDWAN is one of the very few options to establish a service standard from a computing networking perspective with the aim of successful NFV deployments. For more custom sd wan case study, click here.

What Makes GoSDWAN Edge Compute Unique?

What Makes GoSDWAN Edge Compute Unique?

01 ——  

Support for heterogeneous deployments

02 ——  

Redundant architecture

03 ——  

Fast provisioning

04 ——  

Subscription mode with no asset management required

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