SDN Expert Service

When designing SD-WAN solutions, providers not only have to deal with a brand-new network environment but also assist customers in transforming traditional MPLS VPN to SD-WAN or even hybrid WAN architecture. The role of sd wan professional services in customers' networks may just extend to some newly extended areas or may be the redundancy of the MPLS VPN network.

SDN Expert Service
SDN Expert Service

The GoSDWAN SD WAN Expert Services team not only helps large international Telcos build SD-WAN sd wan telco and services from scratch, but also provides SD-WAN integration and enterprise cloud network operations services for enterprise customers of all sizes. These SD WAN expert resources can also provide collaboration and assistance to SD-WAN service providers. In addition to implementing "MPLS VPN to SD-WAN", "Hybrid SD WAN", "SD-WAN to Public Cloud", and other scenarios, we are also skilled in assisting customers in SD-WAN Proof of Concept (PoC).

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SD WAN Expert Service Future-proof Dynamic Networks


With our expert team, we can assist customers to upgrade the MPLS VPN network to SD-WAN architecture without pilot.
SDN Expert Service

Hybrid WAN Adoption

Solve the key challenges of hybrid networking between the traditional MPLS VPN structure and SD-WAN network multiplanes.

SD-WAN Deployment (Telco)

Assist customers to build a global multi-tenant, low-cost SD-WAN service system for telecom operators.

NaaS Adoption (Enterprise)

Assist customers to adopt open research and share the benefits of Naas-related technologies through an expert team and proven appliance.


Assist customers to quickly implement ZNTA/SASE solutions with sophisticated service components for agile iteration.

SD-WAN PoC-as-a-Service

Assist customers to quickly implement SD-WAN POC, isolate from the production environment, and obtain the actual evaluation results of the solution.

SDN Expert Service Details

All great ideas need to be implemented to turn into actual values, and all advanced technologies should be supported by adequate technical services. A team of SD WAN experts with a lot of successful implementation experience and precise mastery of SDN/ZTNA/SASE solution and other technical theories can provide not only paper work like project design plan, but also undertake project sd wan poc, specific implementation plan, optimization and troubleshooting according to the real environment in SD-WAN planning and deployment. GoSDWAN SD WAN Expert Service can dive deeper into specific customer project cases to analyze and solve specific problems, and more importantly, apply experience from other projects to find the best path to solve problems and avoid the risk of failure.

SDN Expert Service provides targeted support services to meet the needs of SD-WAN/SASE/ZTNA at different stages of IT lifecycle, including construction planning and investment evaluation, implementation design and architecture, deployment of the implementation plan, training and enablement plan, O&M plan, quality management solution, etc. The above service packages can also be split separately to provide white-label support for SD-WAN service providers.

What Makes GoSDWAN SD WAN Expert Service Unique?

What Makes GoSDWAN SD WAN Expert Service Unique?

01 ——  

Technology neutral

02 ——  

Abundant practical experience

03 ——  

Professional qualifications

04 ——  

Closed-loop management

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