IT Challenges in Business

Enterprise digital transformation is a continuous process. 

Driven by IoT, AI, big data, 5G, blockchain and other technologies, and compounded by the increase of massive data, the escalation of Cybersecurity threats, especially the constantly changing global economy and the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprise data faces huge challenges in the process of generation, consumption, storage and obliteration. Enabling employees to work continuously, stably, securely and smoothly in non-office centric environment is a challenge enterprise CIOs and IT departments need to actively address. We can offer you best sdwan solutions including sd wan underlay and multi cloud connectivity and sd wan overlay.

Enterprise Value of GoSDWAN

GoSDWAN sd wan service provider is a committed builder of an open ecological supply chain and a staunch supporter for companies in their implementation solution of new technologies such as SD-WAN/SASE and their quest for cost-effective solutions and SD WAN pro services. 

Connecting new SD-WAN/SASE adopters and SD-WAN/SASE providers, this platform aims to build partnerships characterized by openness and equality, which are much-valued by GoSDWAN. We can offer you sd wan underlay and multi cloud connectivity and sd wan overlay.

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Our Global Managed SD WAN Pro Services Optimized Your Internet Experience & Application Performance

IP Fabric Service IP Fabric Service

SD-WAN related technology was developed to seek solutions to privatized tunnels using Internet, with starting users often distributed within the networks of several core Internet service providers in the same zone. With the development of cloud computing, benefiting from the massive construction of East-West traffic channels between data centers, SD-WAN is rapidly adopted to replace traditional MPLS VPN networks. At the same time, the surge of flow capacity and diversification of application types brought by digital transformation make traditional WAN optimization technologies restricted in long-distance cross-regional networking. Therefore, GoSDWAN IP Fabric Service endeavors to provide a reliable and stable Underlay network for customers to support a successful implementation of SD-WAN project. We leverage the cloud gateway of device virtualization to achieve the goal of multi-link aggregation across carrier.
IP Fabric Service
By means of new network technologies such as cloud-network convergence technology and SDN/NFV, we abstract edge computing nodes, cloud computing nodes and various network resources, including WAN, and provide them to customers as components of the product. In this way, the control complexity of edge computing nodes can be reduced.
Edge Compute

In addition, the new generation of cloud-network infrastructure is formed through the unified centralized control and collaboration with distributed computing resources With the built-in capability of cloud & edge computing energy efficiency First Network, computing tasks are dynamically and flexibly scheduled based on real-time computing resource performance, network performance, cost and other multi-dimensional factors according to business requirements, thus improving resource utilization, network utilization efficiency and business user experience. We can offer Vmware Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud lnfrastructure, bare metals and ucpe whitebox.

As globalization sweeps on, "Multi-cloud" deployment strategy has almost become a must for enterprises when deploying distributed infrastructure, the benefits of which include Redundancy for disaster recovery, Vendor Lock-in prevention. More importantly, because of the diversified cloud strategy adopted by upstream and downstream users of the industry, more open interfaces built in the cloud also facilitate security and compliance.
SD-WAN SASE Architecture

There is no doubt that the cloud security mechanism is much more comprehensive and cost-effective than privatized deployment. The question is when the communication stream processed by SD-WAN/SASE architecture encounters "Multi-cloud", is public cloud still the only option?

Cloud Exchange Nodes

The SD-WAN/SASE architecture in the GosDWAN technology system can integrate with the open internet as well as leverage underlying infrastructure such as Cloud Direct Connect nodes (or Cloud Exchange nodes).

Cloud Gateways

The cloud gateways distributed in regional data center hubs around the world can be flexibly connected to multiple cloud platforms through a virtual private channel and supports Bandwidth-on-Demand and instant soft configuration provisioning.

Engineer On-site Support
Even with the popularity of Zero-Touch-Provisioning concept, there are still many complex practical issues that require professional engineers to handle on site when solving WAN-LAN interfacing, especially when upgrading from existing environment to a newly set environment.
Robust customers usually require the service provider to send engineers to the site to help complete the transition and ensure the smooth cutover.
GoSDWAN can make arrangements for global engineers to visit the site on behalf of the carrier or customer as the service provider, who can independently quote SD-WAN technology and platform.

SDN Expert Service SDN Expert Service

Rather than being cutting edge, these SD-WAN/SASE technologies have been used for years. At least, for the enterprises who choose to implement SD-WAN/SASE, they should not overpay for services not matching their needs, such as excessive bandwidth cost and unsuitable technology route, due to unbalanced information and confusing concepts.

SDN Expert Service
SDN Expert Service
Top lndustry Experts

The actual problems that SD-WAN/SASE tries to solve diversify in reality, and a professional and experienced expert can help save a lot of unnecessary time spent in trial and error.
GoSDWAN can provide or coordinate top industry experts to have a good understanding of your scenario and work with you to diagnose the problem, design the solution or provide optimization consulting.
SDN Expert Service

Choose Your Best SD WAN Solutions & Services

Rapid Deployment Rapid Deployment
Decoupling between Software and Hardware Decoupling between Software and Hardware
Brand Neutral Brand Neutral
Flexible Architecture Flexible Architecture
In-depth Customization In-depth Customization
Rapid Deployment

More flexible and versatile in deployment mode compared to traditional WANs, GoSDWAN allows users to build a network system with complex requirements, manageable costs and robust architecture from scratch, or expand and optimize based on the existing state of their enterprise network. 

Enterprise users can even retain their existing uplinks or investments in existing network assets, where GoSDWAN's network experts can perform in-depth network architecture design.

Decoupling between Software and Hardware

Traditional network building with heavy investment in dedicated network element devices has low scalability and vendor lock-in problems. 

From the core network side to the access side of the enterprise network, GoSDWAN's design concept adopts a pure software-based deployment model and supports multi-tenant management. 

Customers can deploy a standalone enterprise network with inter-cloud channel (east-west data center channel based on mainstream public cloud) and white-box devices at low cost, or they can quickly get a lightweight network access in the form of leased network elements.

Brand Neutral

SD-WAN now has many brands, and GoSDWAN products are based on orchestration management and revolve around delivery management, which is compatible with mainstream SD-WAN vendors in the market, including brands in "Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant", such as VMware, Silver Peak, Cisco, Versa, Fortinet, etc., as well as brands with market insight, such as Huawei, Aruba, Sangfor, etc.

Flexible Architecture

With the burgeoning of SD-WAN, the key selling point of GoSDWAN is the support for flexible network architectures, including Full-Mesh, Hub-spoke, Spoke-Hub-Hub-spoke, and even customized Internet Breakout, where application acceleration and other architectures can be delivered within hours, without the need of significant hardware investment. 

One of the core demands of the current digital transformation is to transform the traditional network from a rigid pipe to a resilient one suitable for massive data transmission, and to meet the consumer demand with more cost-effective and intelligent network traffic diversifications. And GoSDWAN's flexible architecture highly matches the above demands of customers.

In-depth Customization

Experience management around customer's business core is key at GoSDWAN. Manageable, controllable and maintainable network management platforms are usually cumbersome and complex, while GoSDWAN's key feature is a powerful and feature-rich customer network management (different from carrier-oriented network management in the market) with deep customization capability. GoSDWAN's customized Portal feature can handle customized periodic operation reports as well as diverse alerting tools.

Purpose-Built for SD-WAN & Network Success

Purpose-Built for SD-WAN & Network Success

Purpose-Built for SD-WAN & Network Success

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