Edge Computing Brings Opportunities for Manufacturing

Edge computing can enable faster data analysis, simplify operations, and bring many benefits, including improving the production efficiency and service quality of manufacturing companies.

Edge computing in manufacturing can transfer data from old devices

Almost every company has old devices. Obtaining data from old devices and transferring it to monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and other systems may be labor-intensive, especially when every device must be connected. Companies must poll this information, create mappings, and know exactly the information of each device. This involves a lot of work.

By mapping at the edge, SD WAN edge computing can simplify infrastructure and effectively provide data using publish/subscribe protocol message queue telemetry transport (MQTT). MQTT devices can report abnormal states.

Advantages of edge computing in manufacturing

Plug-and-play devices can simplify edge computing and require less maintenance. Once data is published, SCADA can access it, and other systems can also access it, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT, or Business Intelligence. With MQTT and incentivized payload specification, many systems can automatically discover new data or information without knowing the information of the terminal device. Depending on the architecture and application, edge computers can send raw data, data subsets, preprocessed information, and information that has been executed based on them or some kind of combination.

As data collection becomes increasingly easier, control also becomes smoother. Although users still need to transmit data back to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the efficiency is higher. SD WAN manufacturing can also achieve Advanced Process Control (APC). Software platforms can only achieve APC, but they are usually expensive and highly specialized.

Cloud and edge computing makes the world easier to understand. Because there are more algorithms that can be used, building models becomes easier, and real-time process adjustments become simpler. This is where edge computing is exciting. The closer it is to the controller, the faster the whole process becomes.

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), these devices are not connected point-to-point to the cloud or to each other, but are first connected to edge devices, and then edge devices are connected to the cloud. Edge devices can achieve buffering, reduce the total amount of data that needs to be transmitted, and help improve efficiency and sd wan managed services quality.

In industrial manufacturing, many control systems are built on local Ethernet networks. These networks may include local commercial networks, industrial computers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and industrial touchscreens commonly referred to as Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Connecting the local network to a larger public network or server computer can bring many benefits.

The edge is the boundary between these local networks and the cloud. Many existing networks are not directly connected to the cloud. IT standards for network architecture, including domains, domain name systems (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), firewalls, etc., are not in place. Redesigning local networks usually takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

However, by adding edge devices with sd wan service provider, existing networks can be connected to the cloud without major upgrades. Edge devices integrate IT practices, such as firewalls, Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocols, and Network Address Translation (NAT). This enables existing devices (including PLCs and HMIs) to exchange data with the cloud through edge devices, which provide isolation and security between the cloud and existing networks.

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