SD-WAN Service Solves the

When it comes to "solving the last mile", what comes to mind? Is "bike sharing" helping people travel the last mile, or "smart delivery stations" helping solve the last mile of urban logistics and distribution? The "last mile" keeps coming into people's eyes because it represents the final and crucial stage.

In the digital age of rapid development, many enterprises are also facing the problem of the "last mile" of network connection.

With the increasingly close global connection, the cross-regional multi-point networking of enterprises, the interconnection of headquarters and branches, and multi-network connections have also become cumbersome and complicated. SD WAN professional services came into being in order to break through the key challenges of enterprise network services.

Ⅰ. SD-WAN service intelligently manages the last mile of network connection

Cooperate with the global backbone transmission network, use the Internet to access the "last mile" connection between POP and enterprise branches, and provide enterprise customers with an easy-to-manage, high-availability and flexible WAN.


1. High-quality global network and wider WAN coverage.

2. End-to-end high security, availability and redundancy.

3. Continuous path viability and quality measurements to ensure application performance.

4. Simplify WAN management and increase network visibility, application-aware routing strategies.

5. Fast WAN service delivery with guaranteed international network bandwidth and low latency.

6. Competitive WAN service portfolio and price, a variety of network value-added and management services.

Ⅱ. SD-WAN services help various industries solve network problems

With the development of digitalization in all walks of life, various difficulties are generally encountered during network construction. For example, the network deployment period of retail stores is long, and the increase in customer business and transaction data leads to confusion in the management of online stores; the financial industry has a large demand for cloud deployment and complex networking with edge computing in financial services; medical institutions are faced with "difficult data management" and "high safety factor requirements", etc. challenge of edge computing healthcare.

In order for enterprise business to proceed in an orderly manner, SD-WAN solutions provide the following core functions:

1. High-quality and reliable SD-WAN service uses high-quality global network as the backbone transmission, and supports multi-network access, providing high-quality and reliable global multi-point networking services.

2. Flexible and fast networking supports last-mile access based on the Internet or LTE, and supports zero-touch deployment, saving deployment time and costs.

3. High network visibility Provides a central management and monitoring platform, and provides customers with visual and manageable network management.

According to the different characteristics of different industries (retail, logistics, medical care, finance, etc.), SD-WAN service solutions solve their unique network service problems from the perspective of users' pain points, so that the network "last mile" can be smoothly connected, So that enterprises in various industries no longer need to be troubled by their own unique network problems.

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Solutions & Services

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Cases

Customize flexible and cost-effective solutions for Cross-border E-commerce enterprises to avoid cross-domain access congestion and stand firm amidst the risks with more standardized management.
Help Logistics and Transportation industries overcome the unprecedented pressure for business continuity under the impact of COVID-19, ensure excellent customer experience and create new opportunities for the development.
Provide safe and compliant services for financial institutions to obtain low-latency, light-load cloud access, and ensure access stability to drive business innovation.
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