Ship Intelligent Control System Scheme Based on Edge Computing

Based on shipping edge computing, the intelligent ship control system has various motor groups near the cabin, forming multiple sets of source data information displayed on different panels, showing comprehensive data.

Application of shipping edge computing

The application of edge computing helps connect terminal devices and cloud, placing the edge computing host on the side near the device or data source. It adopts an open platform that integrates network computing, storage, and application core capabilities. Edge computing is located between physical entities and industrial connections at the edge. And cloud computing can still access the historical data of edge computing.

In particular, the real-time requirement in the ship scene is within 10ms. If all data analysis and control logic are implemented in the cloud, it is difficult to meet the real-time control requirements. However, the ship's intelligent control system based on shipping edge computing can make the data more real-time.

A large amount of diverse and heterogeneous data needs to be aggregated, uniformly presented, and opened through data optimization, to flexibly and efficiently serve the intelligence of edge applications. The ship's intelligent control system based on edge computing services can make the application more intelligent and data easier to clean.

Use of shipping edge computing

Because intelligent computing can be performed on the edge side, reducing the amount of data uploaded, it can also enhance security and privacy protection. The intelligent cabin has intelligent perception (advanced intelligent sensors), intelligent adaptation (intelligent adjustment combined with big data and cloud computing), and intelligent warning (device health management).

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