What Are the SD-WAN Benefits in Business?

SD-WAN is a more automated technology for managing WANs (Wide Area Networks), thereby greatly reducing the maintenance cost of accessing each other across multiple LANs.

Ⅰ. Compared with traditional WAN, what are the SD WAN benefits?

Traditional WAN architectures are limited to enterprises, branch offices and data centers. Once organizations adopt cloud-based applications in the form of SaaS and IaaS, their WAN architecture experiences an explosion of traffic accessing applications across the globe. These changes have multiple implications for IT.

SaaS application performance issues can hurt employee productivity. WAN overhead can be increased by underutilizing dedicated and backup circuits. IT departments are engaged in complex battles every day, connecting multiple types of users and multiple types of devices to multiple cloud environments. With SD-WAN, IT can provide routing, threat protection, efficiently offload expensive circuits, and simplify WAN network management. Such as sd wan in manufacturing and sd wan for small business.

Ⅱ. The SD-WAN benefits in business interests can include the following:

1. Reduce network costs

SD wan managed services help reduce network costs by allowing you to use the most economical way to connect your business. Instead of forcing all locations to use the same connection type, no matter what works best in the area, your sites can use different connection types, maintained through one SD-WAN. This means your business no longer needs dedicated lines and firewalls for each site, and you can choose the type of connection that works best for you.

2. Increase productivity and efficiency

Ability to go live quickly and stay online throughout the day. With SD-WAN, you can ensure this with intelligent routing that traverses existing Internet connections to provide each employee with the best possible application performance and a fast user experience.

3. Network continuity

SD-WAN support keeps your network running and always available with redundant systems and security measures to ensure 24/7 operation. The system does this by automatically routing traffic based on location, time of day, system latency, and other performance thresholds. If one site goes down, the Internet service at the other location will be less burdened.

4. Automatic configuration

SD-WAN supports remote installation and maintenance.

5. Simpler security

SD-WAN covers all functions, including firewall functions, data encryption and network security, and does not require separate network maintenance for each office area.

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Solutions & Services

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Cases

Help Manufacturing enterprises gain highly secure, flexible and cost-effective intelligent connectivity and enter the era of cloud computing.
Help new energy companies gain more proactive and smarter IT governance control capabilities to accelerate digital transformation solutions.
Help Logistics and Transportation industries overcome the unprecedented pressure for business continuity under the impact of COVID-19, ensure excellent customer experience and create new opportunities for the development.
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