SD-WAN Services in the 5G Era: Satisfy Most Business Scenarios

1. Advantages of SD-WAN services in the 5G era

In the 5G era, a large number of industries and enterprise demands make 5G applications more complex. In the context of a richer network environment and marginalized network resources, sd wan professional services will also conform to the trend of the times, taking into account both timeliness and business.

Multi-site and cross-regional enterprises use solutions such as branch interconnection and branch company cloud to achieve interconnection between resources, branches, and personnel. With the emerging needs of enterprise network services, more frequent mobile networking has become a major trend.

Branches can quickly access applications, services, and data at the headquarters through the WAN. However, under the pressure of branch interoperability and massive data, enterprises also face issues such as information security, data management, and operation and maintenance costs. The high cost of private lines, low network deployment efficiency, and difficulty in operation and maintenance management have almost become problems for major enterprises.

As a highly integrated solution, SD-WAN service provides application-based intelligent routing, which can achieve full network coverage and unified management. At the same time, it has the ability to automatically diagnose network quality, and can realize intelligent routing in second-level switching and integrate the user side. Equipment configuration is very convenient.

2. The role of the underlying network of SD-WAN services

The underlying network of SD-WAN is responsible for interconnection, and the ISP can open the route. If traditional technologies are to provide refined services for different businesses of a large number of customers, the implementation process is very complicated; SD-WAN relies on the cloud or operator's POP nodes to connect CPE, and enterprise branches detect and select the best POP nodes and establish connections. By deploying a vCPE or gateway device in the POP, a VPN tunnel is established between the CPE and the POP node to realize the connection between the user side and the resource side.

When 5G becomes the underlying network of SD-WAN services, it has ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and massive connection capabilities, which can meet most business scenarios such as edge computing in financial services. Video applications with large bandwidth requirements can also rely on it to ensure quality and quantity. normal operation.

For the last mile link, there is often no redundancy and link resources, while the SD-WAN integrated with 5G and optical fiber can provide the link reliably. The 5G uplink can reach 100M and the downlink can reach gigabit, which can provide protection for the line. For time-sensitive live events, transnational conferences, and first-hand data return, large-capacity transmission can be performed, making it fast and efficient.

As one of the top managed sd wan providers, GOSDWAN is committed to helping accelerate customer globalization and digitization, while ensuring a continuous culture of technological innovation and solution integration to anticipate and meet customers' changing needs.

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Solutions & Services

Recommended Smart Managed SD-WAN Cases

Establish efficient interconnection between retail outlets and headquarters to guarantee daily business security and open up new opportunities for retail chains.
Help Logistics and Transportation industries overcome the unprecedented pressure for business continuity under the impact of COVID-19, ensure excellent customer experience and create new opportunities for the development.
Provide safe and compliant services for financial institutions to obtain low-latency, light-load cloud access, and ensure access stability to drive business innovation.
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